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Spinning, Rolling, and Swinging – Why?

Toddlers Playing and Spinning at Kids at Work

Sometimes children can have so much fun spinning around during music time, or any time!   Usually at the end of a child circling, they will lay on the floor flat for a few moments, in satisfaction!  Spinning, circling, swinging, rolling, and other repetitive motions are SUPER IMPORTANT for very young children!  Here’s more info on […]

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The Importance Of Play

Girl toddler playing at kids at work

At Kids at Work play is the center of everything we do with the children. While there may be brief structured activities, we understand that open and free play within a safe community and interesting environment is the most important aspect of our programs. We thought we would share some important research on play, and […]

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Emotional Intelligence in Young Children

Big Feelings In Little Bodies! In classes our teachers try not to discourage negative emotions. Psychologist and author Susan David says, “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life,” and this starts in infancy. Sometimes it can be easier to attempt to distract or bribe our young children out of their big negative […]

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