Yes! For easiest booking you should download the Kids at Work mobile app on your smartphone. You can purchase classes and manage reservations right on your phone. Accessible via apple and android devices. KAW App for Iphone KAW App for Android
It should be noted that Kids at Work has our own app that can be found on the app store or google play store by searching "Kids at Work." The following advice does not pertain to the Mindbody app, which is a separate app from our point of sale/scheduling system. One of the following steps should resolve issues with the Kids at Work branded app:
1/ Check for updates of the Kids at Work branded app. You can do this within the settings in your mobile device.
2/ Delete the app and reinstall the app. This usually resolves all issues.
3/ Update your phone. Sometimes apps can get glitchy if you haven't updated your phone in awhile.
4/ Reset your password using the "forgot password" button. You can also reset your password via our website; see below for information on how to do that! As always if you are still experiencing problems with the Kids at Work branded app, we are here to help with real humans answering the phone and texts.

Make a reservation in real time by clicking “sign up” on any of our class schedule pages located in the menu. The easiest way to make class reservations is to download the Kids at Work mobile app (available on Iphone or Android devices). On the mobile app you can purchase classes and manage your class schedule.

Looking to just purchase a package for use later? Do so via our tuition page here!

Come to any class, any day, any time with a reservation. If you’ve purchased a “babies package” you will be limited to classes with a minimum age of under 12 mos.

Your reservation is final one hour before the class start time.

If you cancel your class within the “late cancel” window, the value of the class is forfeited.

If you cancel your reservation outside the cancellation window, or “early cancel”, the value of the class goes back on to your account for use at another time! This happens automatically.

Kids at Work uses Mindbody online as a booking and point of sale platform. We have been with Mindbody for over 10 years. Our mindbody system is integrated in real time with our website "sign up" and "buy now" buttons. There is also a "family login" button at the upper right of our website where you can view account information such as how many classes your child has left on their account. Trouble accessing previously purchased classes almost always happens as a result of a duplicate account. Duplicate accounts can sometimes be a result of choosing to login with "facebook, apple, or google" as when you do this, mindbody often confuses you for a new family/student/account. Because of this we strongly recommend using the username/password option to log in. If you think you've created a duplicate account, you can log out and re-log in using the username and password you created when you purchased the package or when you first registered with Kids at Work. If you need help with merging duplicate accounts please contact Kids at Work and we'd be happy to help!

Kids at Work will send you a receipt for your purchase. Be sure to make specific day and time of the class reservations you have made!

Kids at Work will send you a reservation Cofirmation when you reserve for a class, but only if you are opted into account management emails.

Kids at Work will send you a reservation reminder 24 hours before each class, only if you are opted into account management emails.

Kids at Work maintains full time administrative coverage of phones, texts and email accounts. Got a question? Call us at 212-488-8800, text us at 929-581-8234, or email info@kidsatworknyc.com to get a quick answer!

Please note that reservations are strongly recommended for all KAW classes, EVEN for those with class packages. If you have purchased a class package please make sure you go into our website schedule and make a reservation each and every time you’d like your child to attend!  See below for information on recurring reservations.  We do take walk-ins at our physical location if there is space in the class.  We do not take walk-ins for outdoor classes, but you can always make your reservation on the way over or even after arrival, just note that the class may be full. Please note that a purchase does not mean you reserved for a specific day/time. If you are unsure whether you actually made a reservation please email us at info@kidsatworknyc.com

Cleaning Practices

  • Objects that staff and children handle are sanitized throughout class (“ad hoc” cleaning) by our teachers, as well as after each class. Kids at Work always maintains multiple sanitized objects to swap out at any time.
  • Every play object, instrument, toy, and art supply that comes into contact with childrens’ hands is deep cleaned and sanitized with "food surface safe" bleach solution after class. Fabric is handwashed after each class wherever possible, and other fabrics are laundered regularly.
  • The entry way, elevator, and stairwell are cleaned at the beginning of every day.
  • All floors inside Kids at Work are cleaned at the end of every class with soapy water.
  • All mats, furniture, chairs, tables, large motor objects, etc are wiped with soapy water and sprayed with child-safe sanitizer spray between classes.

Kids at Work Drop-in classes NEVER expire!

The only days Kids at Work is CLOSED throughout the year are Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Students within our Gentle Separation program receive class credit if they need to miss class due to a religious observance of a holiday where we are not closed. Kids at Work is open Monday - Saturday.

The Kids at Work Summer Camp is CLOSED on June 19, July 4 and July 5.

Every outdoor class has a different rain policy, please see below:
  • SUN SESSION CLASSES (Madison Square Park): Sun Sessions outdoor music classes are CANCELED due to rain. Rain declaration is made by 8am the day of class and will not be changed after declaration is made. All families who are RESERVED for that particular day/time/location will be notified. If you are ever in doubt as to whether class is happening please be in touch by phone at 212-488-8800, text at 332-201-1879, or by emailing info@kidsatworknyc.com In addition, the Kids at Work outgoing voicemail message will be updated with any rain plans, as well, for the Sun Sessions outdoor music program. There is no rain location for Sun Sessions outdoor music. If you are reserved and we cancel class, the class will be returned to your family's account as unused and you can simply make a reservation for another date!
  • Outdoor Soccer (Chelsea Park) Outdoor soccer is held indoors at Kids at Work in case of rain. Reserved families will receive a text at around noon the same day if the weather is iffy. If you'd rather not attend inside you can text us back and we can early cancel your child (at least an hour before class) and place the class credit back on your account for use another time.
  • Yes! This is very easy to do on the Kids at Work Mobile App (available on Iphone or Android devices). If you are unable to download the app there is another way to make these reservations. Our reservations are powered by Mindbody. If you are interested in making recurring reservations you can do this through here You can also simply email us at info@kidsatworknyc.com or call us to make recurring reservations. REMEMBER, even with a recurring reservation you can still cancel up to one hour before class!

    This depends on which classes you'd like to come to. "Babies" classes include all those classes with a minimum age of UNDER 12 mos. "Toddler" classes include all those classes with a minimum age of 12 months or OLDER. Some examples of babies classes are: Inch by Inch, Jam Sessions Babies, and Baby Fingers. Some examples of toddler classes are: Toddle Around, Mess it Up, Soccer Stars, and Ballet/Tap! If you're not sure which level of package to purchase please reach out. If you'd like to purchase a combination of babies and toddler classes, we can create a custom package for your child. Give us a call at 212-488-8800!

    Sun Sessions classes do not expire, and may be used during subsequent summers. The monetary value can also be converted to a credit for use indoors. Please note that indoor classes are offered at a higher price point and a “class for class” transfer is not possible. Sun Sessions outdoor music purchases are NOT valid indoors on a “class for class” basis due to the higher pricing for indoor programming.

    It's easy to convert your leftover babies or Sun Sessions classes for use in other programming!  The cost to upgrade classes is as follows:
    • Sun Sessions Outdoor Music to On-Site Babies classes - $10 per class
    • Sun Sessions Outdoor Music to Toddler classes - $14 per class
    • Babies classes to Toddler classes - $7 per class
    We can run the above charge for you and send you a confirmation if you give us a call or email us with permission to charge the card on file.
    Our schedule rarely changes. If we do change the day/time of a class we make sure all the "regulars" in the class know of the change. If you are making an advance reservation or series of reservations, you are more than welcome to reach out to us at info@kidsatworknyc.com to get a sense of whether or not we might be changing our schedule. Keep in mind that with the SAME package you can attend ANY class. We very rarely change the schedule and would only do so if enrollment were extremely low. In any case, feel free to reach out. You can also reach out should you wish to make longer term, "semester-long" recurring reservations, as well!
    Some parks are bigger than others and finding the class in the park isn't always easy. That's why we have created the maps which show you exactly where to go. The maps may be found in the class description, on the class sign up page, in your receipt/reminder email, and below. Each map will have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice option of where the class will be depending on availability. In the case of Madison Square Park there is also an "A" and "B" location for if all the lawns are closed. If you ever have any trouble you can also give us a call at 212-488-8800 or text us at 929-581-8234.