How do I register for Kids at Work Drop-ins and Packages?

How do Kids at Work Drop-ins Work?

Where do Kids at Work Programs take place?

My child is turning one mid-semester, or is not yet walking.  Should I enroll in a babies package or a toddler package?

What is the NO SHOW/MAKE-UP/LATENESS policy?

What is the Kids at Work Refund/Cancellation policy?

My package expired and I still have classes left. How can I rollover my package? OR, I want to purchase a new package but still have classes left in my old one…

In the Sun Sessions Outdoor Summer Music Class – what if it is very hot or it is raining?

What are the Kids at Work PlayGroup Gentle Separation Policies?

What are your General Drop-in Class Guidelines including sibling situations?


I’m new and want to check out a single drop-in class – Simply find the class you wish to sign up for in our schedule and click on “sign up!”  Be sure to click through to the next available date if necessary.  Our simple system will guide you through the quick payment and registration process.

I’m new or I’ve been to KAW before, and just want to buy a new package and make my reservations later – Feel free to browse the schedule, and click on “Register Now” in the upper right of our menu bar to be re-routed to our online store right away!  Browse the package and tuition options here. Don’t see a package that works for you?  Contact us for a custom pack – great for siblings!

I’ve bought classes already and want to reserve a spot in class for my child – Simply find the class you wish to sign up for in our schedule and click on “sign up!”  Be sure to click through to the next available date if necessary.  Did you know you can make same day reservations right from our homepage? Check it out!  You can also download our app for iphone or android and make reservations and purchases super fast!


• Drop-in means that you do not have to commit to the same class each week.

• Drop-in means that you do not even have to come to Kids at Work every week of the semester.

• With your pack your child can attend soccer one week, dance the next, music and art the next, and then baby sis can try out our babies class the next using the same package! YOU decide how you want to use it!

• Drop-in at many other centers refers to an unstaffed open play format, and are priced as such. OUR drop-ins (with the exception of our FREE “Baby Playdate” program) are actual classes with a structured curriculum and experienced teachers. Never been to a particular class? Our age-appropriate, open-ended format makes it possible for your child to jump right in mid-semester!

• Reservations are recommended since some classes will fill up. Our simple online reservation system means you can see in real time if there is room in a class on a given week!  We strongly recommend making reservations 48 hours in advance for our soccer classes, as the number of children is capped 48 hours in advance based on how many reservations there are, and depending on how many coaches we order from our soccer partner.

• Make a recurring reservation if you would like to come to the same class each week.

• Register for more drop-ins and receive an even greater discount. Some loyal clients attend Kids at Work for only $25 per class, which is a full 50% discount off of our biggest competitor, for ALL classes.

• SIBLINGS! SHARE your pack. Siblings are the only children allowed to share a package. This means that both children take advantage of the quantity discount, rather than getting a sibling discount on only one child, like most other centers. Find a better per class rate for your sibs or twins? Let us know and we’ll match it.

LOYALTY DISCOUNT – Returning students can enter code RETURN to receive $25 off any package of 10 or more classes!

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS – Prior to each season we do offer discount periods which offer a 10% discount off of our packages of 20 or more classes! Please inquire about the next discount period.

TWINS DISCOUNTS – Take 10% off ANY SIZE package (unlike our other discounts, this one may be combined with other offers!) using code TWINS.  If you want to combine the twins discount with another discount give us a call or email as we’ll have to apply it manually.

Packages EXPIRE 4 months after your child’s first visit.  If you already have an active package, we’ll automatically rollover any current packages to expire 4 months from the purchase date of the NEW package.  See an example of what we mean here.

• Drop-in does not mean that you can ‘drop-off’ your child and leave. Our PlayGroup separation/camp programs are NOT drop-in classes. Classes that are not drop-in and require continuing registration are clearly marked as such on our schedule and within the class description


ALL Kids at Work programs take place at Kids at Work, 123 W20th St, 2E, second floor elevator building, EXCEPT:

Kids at Work Summer Camp takes place at Corlears School, 324 W15th Street, between 8th and 9th Aves.

Sun Sessions Outdoor Music Washington Square Park Map

Sun Sessions Outdoor Music Hudson River Park @ 24th St Map


• If you plan to send your child to our toddler programs, which include Kick and Play, Toddle Around, Mess it Up I and II, Cooking, Super Soccer Stars, Karma Kids Yoga Toddler Yoga, Jam Sessions Toddlers, Creation Station Dance, then you should enroll in a toddler drop-in or package.

• If you plan to send your child to our babies programs, which include Jam Sessions Babies, Sun Sessions, Baby Fingers, Inch by Inch and Mom and Baby Yoga, then you should enroll your child in a babies drop-in or package.

• If you plan to switch mid-semester from babies classes to toddler classes, because your child is turning one, or will begin walking, please enroll in a babies package and let us know when you’d like to convert the remainder of your package, at $8 per class. Please note the system will not allow you to reserve for toddler classes if you have a babies pack, so contact us well ahead of your first toddler class so we can convert your child’s classes!

• Our beginning toddler classes (Toddle Around, Kick and Play, Toddler Yoga, Jam Sessions Toddlers) are appropriate for non-walkers. It is completely up to the parent when you choose to switch to toddler classes. Usually children are completely ready once they begin walking, but some need more time. It is sometimes more of a social and emotional ‘jump’ than a physical ‘jump’ for the child to switch from babies to toddlers, so please keep that in mind.


• ALL Classes EXCEPT soccer:  clients have until one hour before class to cancel their child’s reservation.  If you need to cancel less than 24 hours before class, please call us or email us as our online registration system is limited in this regard.

SOCCER classes only:  reservations are considered FINAL as of 24 hours before class times, due to our partnership with Super Soccer Stars.  Reservations that are canceled less than 24 hours before class will result in a “late cancel.”  Parents with sick children can call after 9am the day of class and arrangements can be made for a makeup.

• Clients that do not cancel their reservation will be marked as ‘late cancel’ and will lose the value of that class.

• Clients registering via a third party such as KIDPASS – you must cancel 24 hours before class or you’ll forfeit the value of the class to the third party.  This is the policy of the third party, and Kids at Work is not able to adjust it unfortunately.  If you’d like to try to get your credits/money back or come to another class, please contact the third party, not Kids at Work.  For a more relaxed cancellation policy of one hour before class, register through Kids at Work directly!

• There are no makeups for classes that are marked as “late cancel.”

• Clients that cancel by one hour before class will be able to use that class at another drop-in before the expiration date.

• Clients that do not arrive by the time class begins may have their spot taken by a stand-by student.  In this case, the class will be returned to the client’s account, but the client will be turned away.


Drop-in Refunds: Full refunds will be given – less $50.00 cancellation fee plus the single drop-in value of any used classes – for withdrawals within 2 weeks of purchase date. No refunds are given after this point on class packs. There are no refunds for clients who join a class in the middle of the semester.  There are no refunds on our introductory unlimited packages.

PlayGroup Refunds: There are no refunds or transfers on either the PlayGroup deposit or on the balance of tuition. Clients enrolled in our payment plan are STILL responsible for the balance of their tuition should their child have to leave the group. There are no makeups or refunds for missed days of Kids at Work PlayGroup.  Snow cancellations will be made up via drop-in class credits to the child’s account (3 drop-ins per PlayGroup class cancelled).

Camp Refunds: There are no refunds or transfers on camp tuition once paid.  There are no makeups or refunds for missed days of Kids at Work Summer Camp.

• Space is not reserved in a class until payment in full has been received by Kids at Work. This includes single drop-in classes.

• Gift Certificates – there are no refunds or exchanges on gift certificate purchases.

• Drop-in Class packs are valid for 4 months from the date of the child’s first visit.

• There is a $30.00 fee for reduction of drop-in class pack (partial refund) anytime within 2 weeks of purchase date. No reductions in class packs can be made after this time.

• There is a $50.00 returned check fee.


• In order to activate expired classes, simply purchase a new package of at least 5 classes!

• Upon your purchase of a new package, we will go in and reactivate your OLD package to expire 4 months after the NEW package purchase date.

 Give me an EXAMPLE for rollover – Your child’s package expired on September 1 – and you had 4 classes left – bummer! You LOVE KAW, so you go in and purchase a new package a few days later, on September 5, of 30 classes. This means, you will have 34 classes to use by around Jan 1, depending on the exact date your child attends class after the new purchase.  You can always log in to see when your packages expire as well as how many classes you have left!

 What if I purchase my new package and still have classes left in my current package?  Let’s say your child has a 20 pack of classes that expire on September 1.  When you purchase your new package to take advantage of a sale, on August 1, she still has 10 classes left.  Kids at Work will automatically rollover those remaining 10 classes to expire 4 months from the NEW package purchase date, or December 1!  This ensures that you have plenty of time to use all of the classes you purchase with us.


• Sun Sessions classes are canceled in the event of rain. Rain declaration will generally be made by 8am the morning of class, on our voicemail message at 212-488-8800.

• For rain cancelations, all reservations will be canceled and the classes will go back onto your child’s account for use at a later date, in any Sun Sessions class.

• Sun Sessions classes are never canceled due to heat or cold. If your child is sensitive (for instance, a young baby) to either we recommend a smaller package.

• Rain declaration will not be changed after 8am the morning of class, due to logistical issues. This means it may not, in fact, be raining even if we’ve canceled. Please call if you have any questions and listen to the voicemail for our rain declaration. If it is raining extremely hard 10 minutes before class, please assume we will not have class that day. Classes that are ended abruptly due to sudden rain less than 1/2 hour into the class will be refunded back to the child’s account for use at a later date.

• If you have leftover classes due to rain, you MAY attend extra classes at our indoor location (Union Square/Chelsea) during the Summer or Fall semester.  NOTE there is a $8 per class charge for makeups completed indoors, due to the higher price point for all indoor classes.  Contact us for more information on rain makeups.


• Please note refund policy above.

• Separation – separation is done at the discretion of Kids at Work and the family in a gentle manner at the pace of the individual child. Clients will be emailed separation guidelines prior to the start of the session.

• Please dress for mess for PlayGroup! Teachers cannot be held responsible for delicate clothing issues.

• Please send your child to PlayGroup with a full change of clothes, diapers, and wipes each day. Children do not need to be potty trained to attend PlayGroup.

• Please do not send your child to PlayGroup with food since we have a lovely and healthy snack at snacktime and there may be allergy issues among other children.

• Generally we ask parents and caregivers to remain to the side from the very beginning of PlayGroup. Feel free to bring a book!

• Drop off – The Kids at Work PlayGroup is NOT a drop off program. After separation, caregivers and parents must wait in our waiting area, and may not leave the facility at any time. Please note that any program where children are regularly dropped off for ANY amount of time must be licensed by the Department of Health as a child care center or must maintain appropriate licensure with the NYC DOHMH.


• Please do not bring food or drink into any class, including outdoor classes. Please understand that our children suffer from a wide variety of allergies so we cannot allow snacks of any kind. Water and bottles for babies are ok. It is OK to nurse your baby during class.

• Please refrain from cell phone use in class, including texting/emailing.

Kids at Work cannot accommodate siblings who are not registered for the class. Certain exceptions may be made if a second caregiver/parent is present, or in the case of non-mobile infants. Please do not bring older siblings to class as the lessons are not age-appropriate for some older children. Our venues cannot accommodate older children who are waiting. Please contact the Director for more information on sibling arrangements. Siblings within our age ranges, in mixed-ages classes, must be registered.

• Jam Sessions/Sun Sessions Mixed-Ages siblings: Siblings under 12 months may attend free of charge, while in the company of a registered sibling!

• Classes are subject to cancellation for any reason. In these cases client will receive a full pro-rated refund.


Class Policy Regarding the New Mom’s Support Group:

On rare occasions, Mary Esther will be called to a birth during class time. If this happens, a makeup will be held the Tuesday following the final session. Participants will be emailed at least 8 hours before the session Mary Esther has to miss. Aside from this, if you have to miss a moms group session for any reason, Kids at Work will offer participants one makeup in a Kids at Work class as an introduction to Kids at Work programs. Other than the 1 Kids at Work makeup and the makeup due to cancellation, there no other makeups for New Moms Support Talk Groups.