How do Kids at Work INDOOR Drop-in Classes Work?

  • Make a reservation in real time by clicking “sign up” on either our Summer or Fall 2021 schedule at the links above!
  • Looking to just purchase a package for use later? Do so via our tuition page here!
  • Come to any class, any day, any time with a reservation. If you’ve purchased a “babies package” you will be limited to classes with a minimum age of under 12 mos.
  • Strict contact tracing a COVID protocols in place since October of 2020. Please read our health and safety policies before entering KAW.
  • SUMMER 2021 (ends Sept 3) – Your reservation is final 24 hours before class.
  • FALL 2021(starts Sept 20) – Your reservation is final one hour before class.
  • If you cancel your class within the “late cancel” window, the value of the class is forfeited.
  • If you cancel your reservation outside the cancellation window, or “early cancel”, the value of the class goes back on to your account for use at another time! This happens automatically.

What happens after I register for INDOOR Drop-in Classes?

  • Kids at Work will send you a receipt for your purchase. Be sure to make specific day/time reservations for your package!
  • Kids at Work will send you our IMPORTANT housekeeping email which contains details pertaining to attending classes indoors at Kids at Work!
  • Kids at Work will send you an invitation to “StoryPark” which is our private photo sharing site where we can share pictures from class with families. You are also welcome to invite family to view the photos. Should families prefer to be left out of pictures or storypark please let us know!
  • Kids at Work will send you a reservation reminder 24 hours before each class, if you are opted into account management emails.
  • Kids at Work maintains full time administrative coverage of phones, texts and email accounts. Got a question? Call us at 212-488-8800, text us at 332-201-1879, or email to get a quick answer!

When are my INDOOR Drop-in classes valid?

  • Kids at Work Drop-in classes NEVER expire.
  • You may notice that larger FALL 2021 packages are valid during the Summer of 2021. We have provided this perk for our loyal regulars who plan to join us frequently!
  • All smaller FALL 2021 packages and single classes activate on September 20, when we are able to open up to 100% capacity for the first time since March of 2020.
  • Unless you plan to purchase a larger Fall package for 2021, we recommend purchasing the package labeled for use during the season in which you will be joining us: Summer – through September 3; Fall – After Sept 20.
  • Kids at Work is renovating from Sept 6 – 19, in order to re-open to 100% capacity

General Policies for INDOOR Drop-in classes
Vaccination – Our Policy as of September 20, 2021
Kids at Work has always been an inclusive space. To that end, we’ve made the very difficult decision to, as of September 20, 2021, require one of the two options of every adult over the age of 18 entering Kids at Work. EITHER:

    1/ Proof of full vaccination in the form of a completed vaccination card, photo of front and back of card, or app based “Excelsior Pass” or other state sponsored out of state pass. OR
    2/ Dated proof of a negative RAPID COVID test taken within 24 hours, and a valid photo ID under the same name as the test. Screenshots/photos are fine.

Mask Policy – Kids at Work provides KN95 masks for all adult attendees should they wish to have one. Masks are required of all attendees aged 2 or older who can reasonably tolerate a mask, regardless of vaccination status. Unvaccinated individuals must wear a KN95 mask provided or bring their own.

Phones – Please limit phone use to consist of taking a few pictures only. If you are on the phone during class we will ask you to either end the call or bring your child into the hallway or lobby to complete the call. Phone calls during class are very distracting to the other families.

For more info on masking and vaccination policy, as well as all things cleanliness and sanitization, please read our extensive health and safety policies before entering KAW.

When is KAW physically open, and when is it closed?
Kids at Work will be CLOSED from Sept 6 – 19, 2021 for renovation! We are also closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Years Eve, and New Years Day. Students wtihin our Gentle Separation program receive class credit if they need to miss class due to a religious observance of a holiday where we are not closed.

Class Packages Purchased Before April 1, 2020
How do I use my drop-in class packages purchased before April 1,2020?
Drop-in class credits purchased before April 1, 2020 must be converted to a monetary credit. Please email us at to have one of our staff complete this transfer. Once your drop-in class credits have been converted to a monetary credit, you can use the account credit to purchase any kind of programming. Clients can use your account credit by visiting our mindbody point of sale/schedule site here. At the Check Out/Place Order page you will see how much monetary credit you have available in green. Your monetary credit will automatically be applied to your purchase.

Please note that we are no longer using the Kids at Work “branded app” (looks like a Kids at Work logo on your device). If you experience any difficulty please feel free to email us at and we’d be happy to sign you up for whatever you want using your account credit, sending you a receipt!

Sun Sessions OUTDOOR Music Policies and Procedures

Sun Sessions Reservations
Please note that reservations are mandatory for Sun Sessions, EVEN for those with class packages. If you have purchased a class package please make sure you go into our website schedule and make a reservation each and every time you’d like your child to attend! We do not take walk-ins for Sun Sessions classes, but you can always make your reservation on the way over or even after arrival, just note that the class may be full. Please note that a purchase does not mean you reserved for a specific day/time. If you are unsure whether you actually made a reservation please email us at

Where is Sun Sessions?
MAP to the Hudson River Park location!
MAP to the Washington Square Park location!
MAP to the Madison Square Park location!

Please show/give the map to your caregiver.
Sometimes we must adjust the class location depending on conditions within the park. You will notice there are 2-3 locations on each map. Proceed to location 1 first. If the class/teacher is not there, proceed to location 2, and so on. If you are unable to find the class, please call 212-488-8800. Kids at Work is in communication with teaching staff and can direct you to the location.

What if it rains for Sun Sessions OUTDOOR music?

  • Rain declaration/cancelation is made by 7:30am the day of class.
  • If we cancel due to rain, any students with reservations made prior to that time will be notified by email. Students that attempt to make reservations after that point will see the class marked as “canceled” on our schedule, and will not be allowed to reserve.
  • If you or your caregiver is unsure about the status of cancellation, please call 212-488-8800 and listen to the outgoing voicemail message, which will be changed to reflect class status as of 7:30am.
  • If we do cancel class, the value of the unused class will go back on to your child’s account to be used at another time. Note you will not be automatically rescheduled, and the client must reschedule the class via our online schedule or by emailing/calling Kids at Work.
  • We do not “make up” rained out classes. Unused passes can simply be used another week. If this is impossible for you please contact us for a refund.
  • Sometimes it may rain unexpectedly after 7:30am, OR it may not end up raining at all. If you are unsure as to the status of class please call 212-488-8800 and listen to the outgoing message for further information. You can also view the Sun Sessions schedule to see if a class is marked as “canceled” or not on any given day. We make an early rain declaration in order to prevent the teacher from making an unnecessary trip, but of course sometimes the weather does its own thing!
  • What should I bring to Sun Sessions OUTDOOR music?
    Kids at Work is providing instruments for your child to use. Should you prefer to use your own, please bring:
    1/ 2 or more rhythm sticks (thick drumsticks or wooden spoons work too! Better to keep your object not too long in size.)
    2/ 4 or more egg shakers (maracas are fine, or small containers sealed closed with rice or beans inside!)
    3/ Drum(s) (A wooden or plastic mixing bowl does the trick too)
    4/ Scarf or flowy fabric for movement (Bring an old t shirt we don’t care!)
    5/ Other mixed noisemakers or instruments you have around the house!
    Please also bring a waterproof blanket to sit on for you and your child!

    When do my Sun Sessions OUTDOOR music classes expire?
    Sun Sessions package do not expire, and may be used during subsequent summers. The monetary value can also be converted to a credit for use indoors. Please note that indoor classes are offered at a higher price point and a “class for class” transfer is not possible. Sun Sessions outdoor music purchases are NOT valid indoors on a “class for class” basis due to the higher pricing for indoor programming.