Join us for Soccer class with a Super Soccer Stars Coach!

  • Join us for Thursday Soccer classes OUTDOORS at Madison Square Park (STARTING APRIL 21st) and Friday Soccer classes INDOORS at the Kids at Work Studio!
  • Looking for the exact location of outdoor soccer? Click here to see a map to THURSDAY classes
  • Super Soccer Stars class format is developed to give our budding soccer stars a familiar framework in which they can excel from class to class.
  • Our classes begin with a welcome, incorporating a song. The classes then kick off with stimulating warm-up games followed by a muscle-warming stretch to get everyone ready for action. The bulk of each class focuses on skill-building activities and games.
  • Separate groups for toddlers and preschoolers. Our 2-3 year old class will resume beginning the week of February 6th! Reservations are open now!
  • Not Seeing the time you are looking for? Check out our full schedule here!
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Soccer Class Schedules