COVID-19 Safety Policies

STAFF - Staff that have not already had COVID in the prior 90 days are required to undergo the following testing following any activity involving 1/large unmasked groups or 2/flights. Starting a min of 48 hours AFTER the event, the staff member must test negative on 2 separate rapid tests taken on two consecutive days before returning to work. In the case of symptomatic staff they are required to submit PCR results taken at least 2 days following the onset of symptoms before returning to work. Additionally, for symptomatic staff, they must also take two consecutive rapid tests over the course of 2 days as of the time the staff member feels well enough to return to work. Staff are provided with free at home rapid tests for all rapid testing. NON-STAFF ADULTS & CHILDREN - At Kids at Work we rely on our community to keep each other safe.  We currently maintain an “honor system” of testing after indoor gatherings of 10 or more people and flights.  Testing should be completed at least 2 days after the gathering/flight but before returning to KAW and should consist of either a PCR test or 2 consecutive rapid tests over the course of 2 days.  This includes caregivers and other adults entering Kids at Work.  We do not require proof of the above testing as this policy is strongly encouraged but not enforced.

Kids at Work mirrors policies dictated by the DOH concerning COVID-19 for licensed childcare providers, even though Kids at Work is not a licensed childcare provider. FOR CLIENTS: Kids at Work requires proof of full vaccination for all persons entering our space ages 5 and over. This applies to anyone attending classes INDOORS at the studio or OUTDOORS at the Kids at Work Studio Terrace (as guests will have to walk through the studio to get there). There is no vaccine requirement for anyone attending classes fully outdoors.

There is no option to test out of this requirement. Acceptable proof of vaccination includes:

  • CDC Issued vaccine card (or photo of)
  • The NYS Excelsior Pass PLUS smartphone app
  • The NYC COVID-SAFE app
  • Any official immunization record from outside NYS or the US
  • FOR STAFF: All staff are required to show proof of a third COVID shot (or second if the first shot was J&J) within 26 weeks (6 mos plus 2 weeks) of being fully vaccinated. *Kids at Work no longer requires the booster shot.*

    Kids at Work mirrors policies dictated by the DOH concerning COVID-19 for licensed childcare providers, even though Kids at Work is not a licensed childcare provider.

  • All adults are required to wear masks regardless of vaccination status, since we work with unvaccinated children. Clients who come in without a mask will be offered one free of charge.
  • Clients who come in with a loose fitting mask will be asked to change into one of our KN95 masks provided free of charge.
  • Per the NYCDOH, all persons over the age of 2 WHO ARE REASONABLY ABLE TO TOLERATE A MASK will be required to wear an acceptable face covering. If your child over 2 wears a mask in other indoor settings, we respectfully ask you to have your child wear a mask at Kids at Work.
  • Masks are required in the following programs: Dance for ages 2-4 years, Soccer for ages 2-3 years. Children interested in these classes who cannot wear a mask should register for the younger age group for these subjects.
  • Cooking Class: Students should wear a mask in these programs if they can, EXCEPT while eating or snacking.
  • All staff must wear KN95 face coverings at all times, even when children are not present. Staff at fully outdoor programming (ie NOT on the KAW terrace) will not wear masks.
  • Kids at Work requires ALL adults to wear socks in our indoor space. Kids at Work has socks to loan adults if they do not have socks. Children can be barefoot.
  • Any child that cancels their class due to illness from class will be contacted and our sickness policy will be executed. Any child with any COVID-19 symptoms is asked to either 1/get tested for COVID-19 or 2/consult their pediatrician for guidance on whether testing is recommended, and for specific guidance on when they may return to Kids at Work. Kids at Work remains involved in this chain of communication before the child can be welcomed back. Any adult with COVID-19 symptoms must get tested for COVID-19 before re-entering Kids at Work, regardless of vaccination status.

Please see below for more information on symptoms of COVID-19 "What if Someone Who Has Entered KAW Has Symptoms of COVID-19?"

Sanitization Equipment

  • Two Commercial Grade HEPA Air Scrubbers – constantly in use – changing the indoor air 8 times per hour.
  • Deep cleaning (hand wash or washig machine) of heavily handled fabrics such as puppets or scarves, after each class.
  • Hudson mist-sprayer for our child-safe prokure sanitization solution.
  • See below for specific details on cleaning within "What Are the Class Procedures Pertaining to Health and Safety?"
  • Cleaning Practices - Indoor and Outdoor Programming

    • Objects that staff and children handle are sanitized throughout class (“ad hoc” cleaning) by our teachers, as well as after each class. Kids at Work always maintains multiple sanitized objects to swap out at any time.
    • Every play object, instrument, toy, and art supply that comes into contact with childrens’ hands is deep cleaned and sanitized with child-safe Prokure after class.
    • The entry way, elevator, and stairwell are cleaned at the end of every day.
    • All walls, floors, and other hard surfaces inside Kids at Work are cleaned at the end of every day with soapy water and sprayed with Prokure, which is a child safe sanitizing agent.
    • All mats, furniture, chairs, tables, large motor objects, etc are wiped with soapy water and sprayed with child-safe Prokure between classes.

    The following applies to both indoor and outdoor programming.

    Symptoms of COVID-19

    Persons (adults and children regardless of vaccination status) will be required to stay home in the event any of the following symptoms are observed or felt within 24 hours before each attendance, without the use of medication.

    • Fever
    • Cough**
    • Shortness of breath
    • Chills
    • Night sweats
    • Sore throat
    • Muscle/body aches
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Headache
    • Confusion
    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea

    **Many children exhibit non-illness related dry cough and clear runny nose (such as with teething). We ask that all families maintain open communication about the history of such symptoms in their child. For instance, if your child has allergies OR has already been cleared by a pediatrician that it is not illness-related, please let us know ahead of time.

    Those persons who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms must stay home. They will not be allowed to return to class until they either (1) stay home for 14 days since the onset of symptoms OR (2) get NEGATIVE COVID-19 PCR test results OR (3) get pediatrician guidance that the child is ok to come back to class and that a COVID test is unnecessary (children only). In any case, they must also stay home for at least 24 hours after symptoms have gone away WITHOUT the use of medication If a child exhibits symptoms during class and is sent home, the families within that class will be notified and kept up to date on the status of the affected child. The above sickness policy holds REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS. This is in line with current NYCDOH protocols for child care center staff and children. EXCEPTION: Fully vaccinated adults with symptoms who can prove COVID-19 infection within the last 90 days can return to KAW after 2 consecutive days of rapid tests.

    Families should be made aware that Kids at Work’s policies may be more stringent than other businesses, because we frequently work with unmasked children.

    The below applies to BOTH indoor and outdoor programming

    What if someone in my household who HAS been to KAW within the last 5 days tests positive for COVID-19?

    You are compelled to contact Kids at Work in the case of a positive test result on the part of ANYONE who has entered KAW within 3 days of the positive result or onset of symptoms (whichever comes first). The infected individual will be required to remain at home for 10 days from the onset of symptoms or the positive result. Individuals still displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted to come back to class until 24 hours after symptoms have disappeared without the use of medication. 10 days is required for all individuals regardless of vaccination status. There is no "test out" or "test to stay" policy in place, even for vaccinated individuals.

    Who will be notified of a positive COVID case at Kids at Work?

    All close contacts and students that were in the facility at the same time as the affected person will be notified.

    What if the positive case has NOT come into contact with my child, myself, or my caregiver?

    Participants within the affected classes, as well as their close contacts and family members, will be encouraged to get tested. Depending on the contact, KAW may close in order to test exposed staff and determine any potential community spread. Affected staff will be asked to get PCR tested 3 days after exposure, at no cost to the staff member. Affected staff will not be present at KAW in the meantime. Staff members are paid for their time in acquiring testing for themselves. Kids at Work may also require this of other participants depending on their level of contact with the positive individual. Please see more information on "close contacts" below.

    What if there is a positive case within a class that my child, myself or my caregiver has attended?

    In the case of a positive COVID-19 test on the part of a participant who has been to KAW 3 or fewer days before positive specimen collection or symptoms onset, whichever comes first, KAW will contact all families that were in class with the person during the time they may have been infectious. Vaccinated staff and caregivers who are "close contacts" (see question on 'close contacts' below for definition) as defined by the CDC will be REQUIRED to show proof of negative PCR test results collected at least 4 days after exposure before they can return to the space, or stay away for 14 days These individuals may not visit KAW in the meantime. Unvaccinated children who are NOT deemed close contacts will still be required to quarantine away from KAW for 10 days from the exposure. We require a full 10 day quarantine from KAW for all unvaccinated close contacts regardless of pediatrician or physician advice for a shorter quarantine. Vaccinated adults including staff can return with a negative PCR test taken 3 days after exposure. EXCEPTION: Any masked adults who can prove recovery from COVID within 90 days of the COVID case, may return to the facility. Unvaccinated children who have recovered from COVID within the past 90 days, but who do not wear masks reliably, cannot return before 10 days. How this affects whether programming continues to run largely depends on how widespread the contact is. Cancellation of programming is on a case by case basis. Kids at Work never cancels programming without providing account credits to its participants.

    • Outdoor classes on the Kids at Work Terrace follow the same policies as Indoor classes since participants will have to walk through the facility to get to class.
    • Adult participants in outdoor classes at local parks are required to be fully masked at all times, with masks covering both mouth and nose.
    • See above information on "Cleanliness and Sanitization".
    • All adults are asked to try to maintain 6 foot distance from other during class.
    • Social distancing between children may not be possible. If you wish your child to remain socially distanced from other children you will need to monitor this on your own. Kids at Work staff will not be encouraging social distancing between children, and it is up to the attending adults to assess their own risk and monitor.
    • Participants are compelled to contact Kids at Work if someone who has attended an outdoor music class becomes ill with COVID-19.
    • Please see above for information on "What if Someone Who Has Been to a KAW class Tests Positive for COVID-19?"