On-Site All-Inclusive Parties for Ages 1 – 6 and Off-Site Musical Entertainment.

Please note that Kids at Work is currently closed and is not booking birthday parties at our physical space. As NYC opens up, if you have questions about on site or off site party entertainment and how that might work, please email us at info@kidsatworknyc.com All of the information below is pre-COVID19.

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Kids at Work is a loft-like, 1000 square foot space with a maximum capacity of around 25 children, plus around 2 grown-ups per child. Additional classroom/secure and private outdoor space can also be rented for a total of 1800 square feet. During your party, you have exclusive use of Kids at Work, regardless of whether you rent the additional space or not! Contact Us for a tour!!

$804 On-site Art Stations Party – 1.5 Hours Includes:
  • 1.5 hour space rental of our 900 square foot, sunlit, air conditioned main playspace.
  • 45 minutes of age-appropriate Kids at Work signature art/sensory stations.
  • 45 minutes for pizza, cake and socializing!
  • Pizza, plates, juice boxes, cups, forks for children only.
  • Balloons to decorate space and for each child to take home.
  • 2 early childhood professionals at your party.
  • Party planner leading up to your party.
  • Up to 13 children (18 mos – 6 years) including birthday child.
$984 On-site Music Only Party – 1.5 Hours Includes:
  • 1.5 hour space rental of our 900 square foot, sunlit, air conditioned main playspace.
  • 45 minutes of age-appropriate music and movement performed by one of our amazing singer/guitarists.*
  • 45 minutes for pizza, cake and socializing!
  • 2 pizzas for adults/children.
  • Balloons to decorate space and for each child to take home.
  • 2 early childhood professionals at your party.
  • Party planner leading up to your party.
  • Up to 13 children (12 mos – 6 years) including birthday child.

*Please note some musicians are at an additional cost. If you have a specific musician preference please reach out for a price quote.

Additional options and charges:
  • Colorful party hats, blowers, and coordinated napkins – $40
  • Extra children (over 13 including birthday child) – $10
  • Required extra staff charge for 15 – 17 expected children – $100
  • Required extra staff charge for more than 18 expected children – $200
  • Required extra staff charge for LESS than 15 children BUT more than 30 expected adults (regardless of number of children) – $100
  • Take-home art “project” within sensory art choices – $50 plus cost of item
  • Extra pizza for adults – $27 per large cheese pie.
  • Kids at Work Goodie Bags for 13 children – $125
  • Extra goodie bags – $14 per bag
  • Extra time for space rental (for approved outside entertainment OR for parties where participants are UNDER 2) – $75 per 1/2 hour
  • Sharing your party with a friend (no charge for siblings) – $100
  • Rental of additional classroom and covered outdoor space – $300
  • Rental of additional classroom only (during cold months), required for more than 18 children, or more than 30 adults. – $225
  • Usage of covered, rear terrace space for stroller check for more than 8 strollers. – $75
Make it a 2 hour party with these exciting add-ons (these parties include art stations and the add-on):
  • Jam Session – $300 and up depending on musician
  • Creation Station – $350
  • 40 minute presentation and hands on animal exploration by The Art Farm in the City (includes rabbit, chinchilla, lizard, guinea pig, and other small animals) – Ages 3 and up – $500.00 ($10 per child for more than 15 children)
  • 40 minute Super Soccer Stars activity for ages 12 mos – 3 years – $200-$400 depending on number of children.
  • Cupcake or Cookie Decorating – $300 (this add one makes your party 1.75 hours!)
  • 40 minutes “Hands on Hoops” activity (basketball) with Coach Mike – $300
What are Kids at Work Signature Art/Sensory Stations?

At Kids at Work, we believe that young children appreciate choices and freedom within activities, especially when it comes to art play. During Kids at Work art, we do not require all children to sit and complete a craft all at the same time. Rather, children are able to make choices when they are ready and in their own time. For many children at parties, it is their first experience within our space, and they are more at ease with this choice-based atmosphere, since it is closer to what they may be experiencing within their own school environment. You can let us know what art activities your child may specifically enjoy, from messy and sensory based to more crafty and project oriented. Got a theme going? Let us know because we can probably work it into our stations! Here are some options:

  • Our large sandbox is always a hit – we can add dinosaurs, dino bones, construction vehicles, you name it!
  • Other sensory bins with different textures – wet, goopy, soft, crumbly!
  • Playdough making activity (as a part of choices)
  • 4 child-height easels with simple painting for large scale independent work.
  • Huge messy muraling on floor or tables using different manipulatives – cars, sponges, rollers, dinos, etc.
  • Decorating, collaging, or painting an item such as treasure box, car, airplane, frame, almost anything! (extra charge – $50 plus cost of item which is usually around $20 per 12 children, depending on the item)  Check out some options here.
  • Cleaner activities, if you wish, such as watercolors, stamping, stickers, markers, crayons.

Please note that due to quantity of children we are only able to send children home with a decorated item (add-on) only, OR if a parent specifically requests. Most children will not take home artwork from our parties. It’s the process, not the product.

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Off-Site Musical Entertainment

Kids at Work musicians (singer/guitarists) are trained in how to create authentic musical experience with young children. Our musicians are down on the floor with kids, making eye contact, learning names and ages, and interacting with your guests via storysongs, contrasting activities, instruments, and of course movement. Our musicians work acoustic only, and parent participation (especially for children under 3) usually makes for the most fun experience.

Kids at Work musicians are hired with an extremely high level of musicianship, and can play and sing almost anything! Got a favorite band, singer, or song? Let us know and we can include your ideas. Want to check out our musicians before booking? Email us (link to email) and we’ll let you know which drop-in to attend to check one of them out at our location on W27th St!

One Senior Musician (singer-guitarist) – $275

One Junior Musician (singer-guitarist) – $250

Two Musicians (both singer-guitarists) – $400 (recommended for more than 15 kids, OR for children aged 4 and older)

Age-appropriate instruments within walking distance in our studio (at discretion of musician) – $40

Age-appropriate instruments anywhere else in Manhattan – $90

Age-appropriate instruments outside of Manhattan – $125

How to Book Your Party! 

Ready to get more information or to book your child’s day? Here’s how to move forward:

  • Schedule a tour and meeting (optional) to view our space.
  • Call or email us to see if your preferred date and time is available.
  • Pay a $200 non-refundable deposit for on-site parties. Some additional deposits may be required for certain add-ons.
  • Pay a $100 non-refundable deposit for off-site entertainment.