Kids at Work Album

At long last, we’re putting together an album of our favorite tunes, straight from our music classes!  Check back often, for more tracks as they become available!  Looking for music classes?  Click here to see our current schedule!

1.  Wake Up, Warm Up 


2. Clean Up


3. Goodbye 


4.  A Stormy Day


5. Gliding  


6.  Sunlight in the Water 


7. Everybody Walk 


8. Ram Sam Sam 


9. Big Bear 


10. Bim Bam Boom 


11. John The Rabbit 



Production/Arranging:  Ian Turner, Julie Averill

Engineering/Editing/Mixing:  Ian Turner

Vocals:  Ian Turner, Keren Tayar, Alison Dineen, Julie Averill, Elijah Tucker

Guitar:  Ian Turner

Acoustic/Electric Bass:  Daniel Bieber

Violin:  Melissa Tong

Percussion:  Elijah Tucker

Classical Piano:  Dmitry Alexeev

Jazz Piano:  Daniel Meron

Cello:  Maria Jeffers

Flute:  Yevgeny Fanuk

kids_at_work_00108 kids_at_work_00031

Photos: Sarah Sloboda