Kids at Work Music Album

Here at Kids at Work we love our music classes. We love them so much we decided to record a Kids at Work Album.

If you’ve never been to a class with us before check out the songs below to see what they’re all about. If you are a regular in our music classes this is a great way for your child to jam out at home!

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1.  Wake Up, Warm Up 


2. Clean Up


3. Goodbye 


4.  A Stormy Day


5.  Big Bear


6. Bim Bam Boom


7. Everybody Walk


8. Let Yourself Go


9.  Rain On The Window





Production/Arranging:  Ian Turner, Julie Averill

Engineering/Editing/Mixing:  Ian Turner

Vocals:  Ian Turner, Keren Tayar, Alison Dineen, Julie Averill, Elijah Tucker

Guitar:  Ian Turner

Acoustic/Electric Bass:  Daniel Bieber

Violin:  Melissa Tong

Percussion:  Elijah Tucker

Classical Piano:  Dmitry Alexeev

Jazz Piano:  Daniel Meron

Cello:  Maria Jeffers

Flute:  Yevgeny Fanuk