Join us for Mandarin Classes with a Tribeca Language Instructor!

  • Check back soon! This program is currently NOT running on our schedule, but we hope to get it up and running once again soon.
  • Class are truly age appropriate and work with a teacher who specializes in teaching Mandarin to children!
  • This class is brought to you in partnership with Tribeca Language. During this exciting language journey, the grown-up students and the young children will enjoy storytelling, singalong, role play, puppetry, movements, while being introduced to basic Mandarin language concepts (numbers, greetings, colors, animals, food, etc.) in the form of engaging activities and pedagogical games.
  • Because of the added expense of this exclusive, in-demand partner program, this class is offered at the “toddler” price point.  If you have a “babies” package please reach out to us at to use your “babies” level package to attend.  You can also text us at 332-201-1879.
  • Not Seeing the time you are looking for? Check out our full schedule here!
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Mandarin Class Schedules