What is the Kids at Work PlayGroup Gentle Separation?

Sample Day

Staggered Arrival and sensory/art/gross motor stations! Children work on decision-making skills and mastery of fine and gross motor centers. Teacher-led small group and 1:1 activities are included. Supplies are kept as individual as possible and replenished after uses, by our sanitization assistant.

Art Provocation! An age-appropriate and sensory-based art experience is included for those children that are interested. Others may read books or observe the activity. Sitting still is never “required” for our nearly and early twos, but coming together as a community is encouraged!

Meeting Time! Welcome ritual, the schedule for the day including hands-on visual aids, and our theme is discussed as well.

Snack! 1-2 children per table with snack brought from and fully prepped at home, with any allergies made known. Children’s hands are washed before and after each snack.

Free Play! Toys, manipulatives, mini-world objects, dress up and play kitchen. Children develop conflict resolution skills via our teachers’ simple and repetitive language and prompts.

Music! Lots of movement, live guitar, and instruments are included. Children develop executive skills and come together as a community through well-known as well as new activities.

Wrap up and goodbye song! Children always participate in a quiet lullaby or bubbles, and wrap up before our goodbye and happy reunion with grown-ups!

Fall 2020 Registration

Fall Semester runs Oct 5 – Jan 30 (No classes Nov 26, Dec 24, 25, 31, Jan 1).

Preference is given to registrations that have more available times as well as those that create their own group of 5 children.
Fall groups are given first refusal on Winter-Spring continuance (deadline of December 15 to commit).

Tuition – $1210 charged monthly via autopay. $1210 deposit due in order to complete registration. Students are billed monthly after that point on the 1st of each month, starting Oct 1.

We want to make sure Kids at Work is affordable for all families. Please contact us if you need financial assistance, or note on your enrollment questionnaire.

Ready to register? Fill out the ENROLLMENT QUESTIONNAIRE to get started!

Registration Timeline

  • Family submits Enrollment Questionnaire after speaking with whomever will be bringing your child about their comfort level of joining the group, and reviewing our detailed FAQ and Class Policies.
  • Parent meeting is scheduled with Kids at Work manager/owner. We recommend involving whomever will be bringing your child.
  • Admissions offer is made. Please note we may not be able to fit your child into a group, and this is largely logistical!
  • Parent has 5 business days to pay deposit of $1210, after which point another admissions offer may be made to another student. There are no refunds on the deposit once paid.
  • Full onboarding process is started including health check software downloads, enrollment contract, and orientation videos for the parent as well as any adults who intend to enter KAW.

Please see our detailed FAQ and Class Policies for information on potential shutdown, potential delay of opening, contract/deposit commitment, and other extremely important details.