What Is The Kids at Work Gentle Separation

  • Register for our Gentle Separation Open House on may 18 2022 at 7pm – Adults Only
  • Two days a week, two hours each day! Four Day option also available.
  • Ages 20 mos – 3 years (Age appropriate groupings)
  • Fall, Winter-Spring, and Summer semester options!
  • 3.5:1 student/teacher ratio.
  • Adults stay in the physical space for up to 6 weeks, and then gradually are removed to a separate, blind classroom. (Not a drop-off program)
  • Full parent communication suite through our partners at StoryPark, beginning of year home (or zoom) visits, and parent teacher conferences.

Sample Day

  • Sensory Art & Garden Time! Children work on decision-making skills and mastery of fine and gross motor centers. Teacher-led small group and 1:1 activities are included. Time on our covered, childproofed terrace/garden is also offered.
  • Art Provocation! An age-appropriate and sensory-based art experience is included for those children that are interested. Others may read books or observe the activity. Sitting still is never “required” for our nearly and early twos, but coming together as a community is encouraged!
  • Meeting Time Welcome ritual, the schedule for the day including hands-on visual aids, and our theme is discussed as well.
  • Snack! Kids at Work provides snack for all children consisting of WASA multi grain crackers and fruit such as banana or apple. We make note of all allergies; we are nut and seed free. Children’s hands are washed before and after each snack.
  • Free Play! Toys, manipulatives, mini-world objects, dress up and play kitchen. Children develop conflict resolution skills via our teachers’ simple and repetitive language and prompts.
  • Music! Lots of movement, live guitar, and instruments are included. Children develop executive skills and come together as a community through well-known as well as new activities.
  • Wrap up and goodbye song! Children always participate in a quiet lullaby or bubbles, and wrap up before our goodbye and happy reunion with grown-ups!

How does separation work?  In the Kids at Work Gentle Separation children separate at their own individual rate, usually within 6 weeks of starting the program.  For instance, during the second week we may separate 1-2 children, and then 1-2 more the third week, and so on.  When separation occurs is a team decision between teachers and family.  Once separation occurs we rarely bring adults back into the room.  Our separation philosophy is discussed in depth at your introductory parent meeting during the registration process! We do not offer drop off and adults need to stay in the facility even after separation occurs.

Registration Information

Summer Semester 2022

12 weeks from June 13th – September 1st, 2022: *Week of July 4 is enrolled a la carte for families that would like to come that week, from the rest of the committed group.  If at least 5 families can attend July 5-7 we will run the program those days and charge families separately.*

Monday/Wednesday 9-11am Group – Ages 20 mos – 2.9 years

Tuesday/Thursday 9-11am Group – Ages 23 mos – 3.2 years

11 Week Tuition: $2,310 This is tuition for every week of the summer semester EXCEPT July 5-7, which will be enrolled a la carte at $105 per day.

10 Week Tuition: $2,100 This tuition rate is for families that will miss and prorate out of ONE week of classes, not including the a la carte week of July 5-7 which is $105 per day. Families that are missing a week must let KAW know by June 1 which week they will be missing.

Need to miss more weeks in Summer 2022? Families that want to skip more weeks would need to forfeit tuition for any additional weeks. Please note we do not offer separation success for children that attend less than 8 consecutive weeks of classes. Separation only works if children attend classes regularly and consistently.

$1,200 deposit required to hold child’s spot

Fall-Winter-Spring 2022-2023 School Year

39 weeks from Sept 12, 2022 – June 9, 2023. No class Nov 24, 2022 Dec 26-29, 2022 May 29, 2023 Tuesday/Thursday 9-11am Group Monday/Wednesday 9-11am Group *One group usually skews a bit older, but not always. We may adjust the ages as our groups formulate!

Tuition – $7875 ($105 per class) 

Fall 2022 Semester Based Option

17 weeks from Sept 12, 2022 – Jan 12, 2023. No class Nov 24, 2022 Dec 26-29, 2022 Tuesday/Thursday 9-11am Group Monday/Wednesday 9-11am Group *One group usually skews a bit older, but not always. We may adjust the ages as our groups formulate!

Tuition – Mon/Wed Group $4080 ($120 per class) Tues/Thurs Group – $3960 ($120 per class)Fall students get first refusal on Winter-Spring enrollment. Our program is designed to be a year-long program.

$1200 deposit required to hold child’s spot.  For Fall through Spring monthly payment options are available.

Registration Timeline

  • Interested families should email us, at info@kidsatworknyc.com, or call 212-488-8800.
  • Parent meeting is scheduled or call with Kids at Work management to ensure it’s a good fit for your family.
  • Admissions offer is made.
  • Parent is sent a payment and registration link to pay the $1200 deposit.
  • Full onboarding process is started including health check software downloads, enrollment agreement, and welcome questionnaire. We will also schedule a private “home visit” with your lead teacher as we get closer to the class start date.