Kids at Work is happy to host our Sun Session music classes at Hudson River Park (Pier 64). You can check out our class schedule here! There are several reasons why we choose to hold our Sun Session music class in Hudson River Park:

  1. Scenic location: Hudson River Park is a beautiful location along the river in Manhattan, with views of the water and nearby buildings. Holding a music class outdoors can be a way to take advantage of the natural beauty and create a more enjoyable and inspiring atmosphere for the students. Also due to the quietness there in the mornings (as opposed to other parks) the teachers don’t have to use any form of voice amplification.
  2. Fresh air and natural light: Being outdoors can offer a change of pace and environment from indoor music classes, which can be beneficial for students. Additionally, being exposed to natural light and fresh air can promote a healthier and more energized state of mind.
  3. Space and flexibility: Holding a class outdoors can provide more space and flexibility for students to move and play their instruments, which can be especially useful for larger group classes or for instruments that require more physical space, like drums or dance.

Overall, there are many potential benefits to holding an outdoor music class in Hudson River Park, including a more scenic location, access to fresh air and natural light, more space and flexibility, and the opportunity for community engagement. Kids at Work also holds outdoor soccer classes in Hudson River Park. You can check out the outdoor soccer schedule here.