Big Feelings In Little Bodies!

In classes our teachers try not to discourage negative emotions.

Psychologist and author Susan David says, “Discomfort is the price of admission to a meaningful life,” and this starts in infancy.

Sometimes it can be easier to attempt to distract or bribe our young children out of their big negative feelings.  We have all been guilty of saying “Don’t cry” or shushing a crying child.

At Kids at Work it’s never about having smiling faces all the time, particularly in our gentle separation program.  That’s not realistic and children experience a range of emotions.

As educators we strive to be comfortable with them, and give the children words to express how they feel, and just be calm and accepting of all feelings.

This helps the children understand that they can trust us as carers and teachers, and deepens our bond so they can open up to learning and socializing more naturally.

Janet Lansbury has a wonderful transcribed podcast with Susan David, who has also performed TED Talks on this subject, which I’ve linked below.  I hope you enjoy reading it!

Raising Emotional Intelligence and Resilience for a Meaningful Life (with Janet Lansbury & Susan David)

Susan David’s TED Talk