Join Us For The Urban Forest Class

  • This was a program we ran during COVID-19 surges in an effort to maximize outdoor program. Now that we are able to run classes indoors once again this class is NOT on our current schedule.
  • Kids at Work Outdoor Urban Forest Classes begin with open-ended sensory provocations such as nature blocks, soil bins, leaf play, or other inviting sensory options. After a short welcome ritual usually involving songs or rhymes, and a story, the class will then embark on some free exploration as well as a sensory “project” that is nature-related and age-appropriate.
  • Class wraps up with some cool-down activities such as yoga, meditation, music, and some time with our fun “panda drum”!
  • This class is held in Chelsea Green Park at an early hour to ensure the park is not crowded. We are working in cooperation with the Friends of Chelsea Green to present this program to the community.
  • In the event of heavy rain or snow class will be held within our indoor/outdoor classroom at Kids at Work. Our indoor classroom is directly attached to our indoor space which is completely covered and walled in on 3 sides. We would intend to leave the large doors to the outdoor space open during the class, to simulate an outdoor environment. The decision on the location will be made the day of at 7am. Those who do not want to come to the indoor space can simply “early cancel” from the class by 7:45am and receive the value of the class back to your KAW account for use at another time.
  • Not Seeing the time you are looking for? Check out our full schedule here!
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Urban Forest Class Schedule