Join us for our Inch by Inch class!

  • At Inch by Inch, grown-ups are encouraged to sit back and enjoy the babies as they make important independent decisions, all on their own! Even if your baby’s decision is to lay quietly and observe, that decision is honored and important!
  • Kids at Work owner Julie Averill, who has over 15 years of experience with babies and toddlers, will lead a discussion of what is observed during the movement session, OR what might be going on developmentally for the babies that are present.
  • We’ll set up a cozy, interesting movement environment for babies aged 5 – 18 mos in our classroom (or on our covered walled-in terrace when it’s nice out!) and follow it up with 20-25 minutes of live music with one of our singer-guitarists!
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Inch by Inch Class Schedule