Join us for Sun Sessions Outside with a Kids at Work Musician!

  • We will see you again in April 2022 for more outdoor Sun Session classes!

  • Typically the Sun Session program begins in April and ends October 31st. This year due to the ever changing circumstances of the pandemic we have decided to continue to offer one Tuesday Sun Session class in Madison Square Park (weather permitting: our teacher has agreed to hold class as long as the temperature is around 50-55 degrees).
  • Our teacher will greet you and your child in Madison Square Park for music with guitar and imaginative ‘storysongs.’
  • Bring your own blanket to sit on and any fun instruments you have at home!
  • Classes take place in Madison Square Park and Washington Square Park so pay extra attention to the location of the class you reserve!
  • Not Seeing the time you are looking for? Check out our full schedule here!
  • Need to purchase classes? Go HERE

Sun Sessions Outdoor Music Schedule