What is the Kids at Work Urban Forest Class?

Community is key at Kids at Work. Help us to keep our connection alive by joining us outdoors this winter! As the Swedish say “There’s no bad weather, only the wrong clothing!” Kids at Work will bring our natural and sensory-based curriculum outdoors to you, where we’ll combine stories, music, sensory play, and the natural world – right inside your favorite playground this Winter! This class is designed to foster a connection between children – AND between adults!

Location: Chelsea Green PlayGround (with permission of Friends of Chelsea Green) on W20th St between 6th and 7th Aves.

  • Days and Times:
    Daybreak Sessions – Mondays or Wednesdays 8:45am
    Twilight Sessions – Tuesdays or Thursdays 3:45pm
  • Classes will last 45 minutes to one hour
  • 12 mos – 3.5 years
  • Maximum of 4 children plus 4 accompanying adults with 2 teachers
  • Consistent Cohorts of children
  • 8 week commitment

Tuition and Registration

$400 per session – use your indoor class credits.

How do I register? We are offering registration only to Fall 2020 indoor students at this time. To express your interest please email us at info@kidsatworknyc.com and we’ll get you set up!

When does the semester start? The semester will start no more than 2 weeks after KAW has to close its physical location, as long as is permitted by law. Indoor participants who have opted into this program will receive more information with their closure information. Any leftover spots in programming will be offered to new students after we fulfill our commitment to already enrolled indoor students.

What happens when KAW reopens? Any Fall 2020 students will be welcome to convert any remaining Urban Forest Classes tuition BACK to indoor programming. Fall 2020 students will receive first refusal on coming back indoors at KAW. We will keep the Urban Forest Classes running even after any indoor re-opening, but the instructor(s) and make up of the group, as well as quantity of children, may change.

Sample Day

Opening-Arrival – Kids at Work Teachers will make available sensory play stations while we gather and chat for a few minutes. Some examples are – tree blocks complete with bark, or individual sensory tins filled with soil or found objects!

Morning Meeting – Movement will be encouraged while the teacher reads a “Big Book” (large enough for children to see while socially distancing!), sings KAW’s signature “Wake Up, Warm Up” song, and officially invites all children and adults to play!

Scavenger Hunt – Each week, your teacher will bring special items and objects for your child to find! Bring a bag to collect your items, which will be given back to the teacher at class and sanitized between classes. Pinecones, pumpkins, stones, and acorns are some examples!

Invitation to Play! – Kids at Work Teachers will make available a loosely themed “project” each week that is nature-themed and contains natural ingredients. Think “painting snow”, “mud painting” or “shelter creation”! Coming together as a community will be stressed, and an actual finished product may elude us!

Cool Down – Teachers will lead a meditative or yoga based activity, which may include bubbles, affirmations, or a special lullaby. This will be followed by the Kids at Work signature Goodbye Song.

Want to learn more about the philosophy behind Forest Schools? Here is a link to an inspiring video!

What should you wear for Urban Forest class?

When preparing to play outside in the cold you need to wear 3 layers- a base layer, a layer of warm clothes, and a waterproof outer layer. Both children and their grownups should wear all 3 layers to stay nice and warm during our outdoor fun!

  1. Base Layer: wear thin, non-scratchy materials such as thermals, soft wool, or silk. Think Longjohns and socks!
  2. Warm Clothes Layer: wear comfortable clothes that can get dirty to serve as your outer layer if your body heat rises. Think wool sweaters and socks, fleece pants, and a scarf!
  3. Waterproof Outer Layer: Wearing hats and gloves is very important to keep you warm but it can be a struggle to keep them on your little ones. You might consider long sleeve waterproof mittens and a balaclava or ski mask. Just make sure it is at least 2 layers of washable, breathable fabric if you intend to let the balaclava replace your regular face mask to protect against COVID-19. Think waterproof winter coat, gloves, snow pants, and winter boots!

What should you bring for Urban Forest class?

We suggest you bring the following items with you to class: