Re-Opening Information

July 8, 2020

Dear Friends,

It’s with excitement that I announce our potential re-opening for mid-September! Re-opening depends on the continued plateau of COVID-19 infection rates in New York City, as well as the recently announced partial re-opening of NYC Public Schools and other programming for children throughout the city. We’ve been doing a ton of research, and below are our tentative reopening plans.

We are actively looking for private groups of 4-5 children, with ages within one year of one another, to embark on this journey with us. Should you be interested in putting a group together, please be in touch immediately.

At this time we do not have a ton of information yet on specific programming options, pricing, or scheduling. Much of this will be determined by the groups of children we start out with, in September. For the first month at least, we will be restricting programming to children over 12 months of age, with the hope of growing into opportunities for infants after we get our feet wet with our new protocols.

Here is more detail:

Re-opening will be a leap of faith for Kids at Work staff and families and will be something that we embark on together, as a community. We will continue online options for as long as families continue to join us online, as well. Please feel free to reach out with any questions whatsoever. Be well and SEE YOU SOON!

Julie Averill
Kids at Work

A Message From Kids at Work

June 5, 2020

Dear Families,

We hope this message finds you healthy and well. We’d like to update you on Kids at Work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Kids at Work closed on Friday, March 13 at noon. We immediately started offering our music programming virtually via zoom. Later on, we added our sign language, soccer, dance, and basketball programming, much of which is still running within our schedule here. We are also presenting our zoom classes “on demand”, virtual birthday parties, and a virtual summer camp as well as free storytimes with music on demand.

We are pleased to announce that you can now take advantage of any programming using your indoor class credits dollar for dollar. If you’re interested in converting some or all indoor classes for virtual programming please let us know by emailing All zoom class revenue and virtual birthday programming is split with the teachers, so attending really helps keep them afloat, and gives you a more immediate value on packages you’ve already purchased.

We are proud to say that we were able to offer all families within our canceled enrolled programs (The Kids at Work PlayGroup Gentle Separation & In Person Summer Camp) options for full refunds of all tuition paid. We are so thankful to those families that accepted class credits as a part of reimbursement for their tuition.

Immediately upon our closure we sought solutions to provide our staff some form of severance. Given that the closure was indefinite, we simply could not afford to keep on teachers and employees that were not physically working. Our community stepped up to the tune of $8,000 which was divided up and dispersed to our 10 staff members. Check out the thank you video here. Through our revenue split via our zoom classes we’ve also been able to contribute an additional $10,150 to our teaching artists in exchange for their talents.

With the help of some savvy KAW parents we were able to get a Paycheck Protection Program Loan during the second round of funding, and we were recently given an Economic Injury Disaster Loan, as well as the EIDL grant, by the Small Business Administration. Years of goodwill with our small landlord means that we’ve worked out an arrangement with them that, while it in no way absolves us of paying our rent-in-arrears eventually, it takes the pressure off for the time being until we can plan the path forward with regards to opening up our physical space.

That brings me to the topic of reopening. I have created a regular schedule of meetings with other owners in the physical playspace/classes arena to attempt to reopen in a consistent manor across the industry. Together as an industry we are brainstorming ideas to open up in a safe manor for your children. Kids at Work is also lucky to have a relationship with a licensed contractor who specializes in antiviral sanitization. It is unlikely we will reopen prior to September or Phase 4, whichever comes later. When we do so it will be very different than it had been, with enrollment numbers at around 10-20%. Opening up will involve consistent groups of children, not on a drop-in basis. I’d like to ask that you please take our re-opening survey to help us make plans and serve your needs directly. Survey responses will be shared anonymously with other playspace/class centers in the interest of a safe reopening for all.

I’m so incredibly thankful to our community who have been supportive during the COVID crisis, in particular our little zoomers, who I’ve had the immense pleasure of seeing on a daily basis, hiding out behind the Kids at Work logo in zoom. For those of you that are not participating in our online offerings, I hope you’ll consider it! It would be such a pleasure to see how much your child has grown over the last 3 months.

I can’t wait to get back into the classroom with our Chelsea/Flatiron families. Please be well, keep in touch, and reach out with any questions whatsoever.

Julie Averill
Kids at Work

Your child’s safety on the ZOOM Platform

As with everything at Kids at Work, your child’s safety and development are our very first priority. Here are the steps we’ve taken to ensure our ZOOM classes are as safe as they can be:

  • All meetings are shared privately only among the participants in the class, who have all paid the fee via Kids at Work. This is not an automated email and is processed by a real person through Kids at Work.
  • Kids at Work sends participants a unique meeting code and password for each and every class you enroll in.
  • With a maximum of only 8 children in each class, we can easily monitor participants within the meeting to make sure ONLY registered/paid children are present.
  • HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART: The attendees are NOT monitored by the instructor of the class. There is a completely separate person on each meeting making sure that everything is going smoothly and that all attendees are seeing only what they should be seeing, and that your privacy is maintained. This is the way we’ve run our zoom classes since day one.
  • This means the instructor can focus on your child, and interact with your child directly with love and by name, in a safe manner.
  • Additional steps taken for each and every meeting include disabling chat between participants, disabling screensharing for everyone except the host, disallowing participants to unmute themselves, enabling entry chime, and a host of other sneaky zoom settings.
  • Kids at Work management also enables the waiting room feature on zoom which allows us to screen participants before they even enter the meeting, even if they attempt to enter partway through.
  • For security reasons, we regret that we will not be able to allow any persons that are NOT registered to enter the meeting – this includes family and nannies of paid participants.
  • Due to security and privacy concerns within zoom, we strongly recommend ONLY comsuming content via zoom through trusted resources, AND in intimate settings. A zoom session with more than 8 children is very difficult to monitor as far as security, even for a full time non-instructor in on the meeting. Furthermore, we’ve found in our zoom classes that admitting more than 8 children is not educationally sound for various reasons.
  • Please read more about the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on screentime. These guidelines are challenging to navigate during these difficult times, but we’ve tried to create an intimate experience with teachers that your child knows, to break down the screen barrier and create a warm, loving experience for your child.
  • Feel free to reach out with any questions at all to Julie at