Temporary Closure

Kids at Work’s physical location is closed temporarily until further notice. We’re online! Check out a ZOOM class in music, soccer, or sign language! We are optimistic that our summer programs will still run, including the Summer PlayGroup, Summer Camp, Sun Sessions outdoor music, and all other drop-in classes.

Your child’s safety on the ZOOM Platform

As with everything at Kids at Work, your child’s safety and development are our very first priority. Here are the steps we’ve taken to ensure our ZOOM classes are as safe as they can be:

  • All meetings are shared privately only among the participants in the class, who have all paid the fee via Kids at Work. This is not an automated email and is processed by a real person through Kids at Work.
  • Kids at Work sends participants a unique meeting code and password for each and every class you enroll in.
  • With a maximum of only 8 children in each class, we can easily monitor participants within the meeting to make sure ONLY registered/paid children are present.
  • HERE’S THE IMPORTANT PART: The attendees are NOT monitored by the instructor of the class. There is a completely separate person on each meeting making sure that everything is going smoothly and that all attendees are seeing only what they should be seeing, and that your privacy is maintained. This is the way we’ve run our zoom classes since day one.
  • This means the instructor can focus on your child, and interact with your child directly with love and by name, in a safe manner.
  • Additional steps taken for each and every meeting include disabling chat between participants, disabling screensharing for everyone except the host, disallowing participants to unmute themselves, enabling entry chime, and a host of other sneaky zoom settings.
  • Kids at Work management also enables the waiting room feature on zoom which allows us to screen participants before they even enter the meeting, even if they attempt to enter partway through.
  • For security reasons, we regret that we will not be able to allow any persons that are NOT registered to enter the meeting – this includes family and nannies of paid participants.
  • Due to security and privacy concerns within zoom, we strongly recommend ONLY comsuming content via zoom through trusted resources, AND in intimate settings. A zoom session with more than 8 children is very difficult to monitor as far as security, even for a full time non-instructor in on the meeting. Furthermore, we’ve found in our zoom classes that admitting more than 8 children is not educationally sound for various reasons.
  • Please read more about the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on screentime. These guidelines are challenging to navigate during these difficult times, but we’ve tried to create an intimate experience with teachers that your child knows, to break down the screen barrier and create a warm, loving experience for your child.
  • Feel free to reach out with any questions at all to Julie at info@kidsatworknyc.com